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Table Bay Mall

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Table Bay Mall

Table Bay Mall, a new regional retail development on the northern reaches of Sunningdale in Cape Town, opened in September 2017. The mall, situated on the corner of the R27, West Coast Road, and Berkshire Boulevard, on a 20-hectare site, is the largest regional mall in the hub of the Big Bay, Bloubergstrand and West Beach areas with over 65,000m2 of retail space.

More than 150 shops and restaurants are located on a single retail level in the form of a figure eight. Retail food anchors are positioned at the extreme ends of the mall on either side, namely Pick ‘n Pay and Checkers. The central mall node is anchored by Woolworths and H&M as well as larger family restaurants. The layout provides for easy navigation for shoppers, with attention paid to sight lines from all the key node areas to the anchor tenants, effectively drawing the customer through the four mall quadrants.

The mall offers 1,300 outside and 2,000 undercover parking bays with easy access to the retail level via three main lobbies. The basement lobbies open up to the retail level via large voids that are further emphasised by large skylights overhead, allowing natural light to penetrate the basement lobby area.


Ease of access and navigation paramount

The ease of customer use and navigation was paramount in the design, and the basement lobbies are designed as an extension of the mall experience. Escalators and feature stairs provide quick and easy access to the retail level above, with service areas such as ATMs, public toilets and centre management offices providing essential facilities in easily accessible locations. Attention during the design process was focused on easy access to the building with consumers arriving by car and on foot or public transport. The design solution achieved its aim. Access to the semi basement parking is simple and clear. From the entry points on

Berkshire Boulevard, customers access the basement without negotiating any change in level and can drive straight into the covered parking area. From there, access to the mall is via the basement lobbies in three well-positioned locations. For customers wanting to park in the open, or arriving on foot, forecourt parking is provided, including pedestrian pathways from the external road network.The mall building faces onto the open parking area, with entry into the mall via three entrances. Importantly, the main façade facing the parking is treated as an active edge, with shops located along the main façade. A wide, well-landscaped walkway creates a street edge along the main façade which is further emphasised with a cantilevered canopy. From the three external entrances, the lead-in malls are kept intentionally short, with the outer lead in-malls being angled towards the centre of the forecourt parking.

Future growth has been designed into the project from conception and will allow the mall to organically expand to over 90 000m². For example, the semi basement parking has been excavated to accommodate the parking requirement for the larger building, however, the actual surface bed for parking bays has been completed to cater for the first phase parking requirement.


Design aesthetic inspired by a nautical theme


Considering the location of the mall near the coast, as well as the mall name, the overall design aesthetic has been inspired and influenced by a contemporary nautical theme. Vivid Architects took inspiration from modern super yachts, incorporating curved flowing lines and using contemporary materials such as glass, stainless steel, aluminium panelling and natural timber. The aesthetic is continued internally with extensive timber panelling, providing a warm texture throughout the mail experience. The mall entrances are emphasised with double-height flushed glazed curtain wall glass, contrasted against polished concrete entrance portals and columns. The extensive glazing provides natural light into the lead-in malls. The inclusion of natural light is an essential element of the mall design and is provided by a continuous central skylight throughout the mall.


Rigorous building economics and value engineering continued throughout the design and construction process, resulting in a project that is incredibly efficient from a GLA/GBA perspective, with a construction cost per square metre well below the industry average. This has resulted in a development being completed within budget but completed to a very high standard, with a look and feel that is far superior to the final costs. This is a key element of the Vivid Architects design approach: we create beautiful buildings that are well crafted and cost-conscious.


Sustainability measures

The client and design team have taken sustainability measures as a principle of appropriate design.

Energy efficient lighting (LED) and equipment have been used thought the project. Smart metering and monitoring of energy systems is in place. Natural daylight has been incorporated into the internal mall areas via extensive roof lights and at the same time these roof lights have not added a significant heat load to the building as solar-protected glass has been used. The roof has been designed for future installations of solar panels, with reticulation throughout the building being cognisant of this. Natural resource preservation measures include water-saving devices which are essential for sustainable development in the Western Cape. These include two rainwater harvesting attenuation ponds where rainwater from the specially designed roof will be harvested and used for ablutions and irrigation. Any overflow from the ponds will be directed into the municipality’s storm water channels.


Two boreholes were also installed to minimise municipal water usage. Other measures include

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